New Preprint ‘High-order upwind summation-by-parts methods for nonlinear conservation laws’ on arXiv

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Andrew R. Winters, Michael Schlottke-Lakemper, Philipp Öffner, Jan Glaubitz, Gregor J. Gassner, and I have published our new preprint High-order upwind summation-by-parts methods for nonlinear conservation laws on arXiv.

High-order methods for conservation laws can be very efficient, in particular on modern hardware. However, it can be challenging to guarantee their stability and robustness, especially for under-resolved flows. A typical approach is to combine a well-working baseline scheme with additional techniques to ensure invariant domain preservation. To obtain good results without too much dissipation, it is important to develop suitable baseline methods. In this article, we study upwind summation-by-parts operators, which have been used mostly for linear problems so far. These operators come with some built-in dissipation everywhere, not only at element interfaces as typical in discontinuous Galerkin methods. At the same time, this dissipation does not introduce additional parameters. We discuss the relation of high-order upwind summation-by-parts methods to flux vector splitting schemes and investigate their local linear/energy stability. Finally, we present some numerical examples for shock-free flows of the compressible Euler equations.

The reproducibility repository is available on GitHub.