Talk ‘Introduction to Julia and Trixi, a numerical simulation framework for hyperbolic PDEs’ on 2021-04-27

1 minute read

I gave a talk Introduction to Julia and Trixi, a numerical simulation framework for hyperbolic PDEs in the Applied Mathematics Seminar, University of Münster, on Tuesday, 2021-04-27, 10:00 CEST. The announcement including details how to participate is available online.


Julia is a modern high-level programming language developed specifically with scientific computing in mind. Trixi is a numerical simulation framework for hyperbolic conservation laws written in Julia. A key objective for the framework is to be useful to both scientists and students. Therefore, next to having an extensible design with a fast implementation, Trixi is focused on being easy to use for new or inexperienced users, including the installation and postprocessing procedures.

This presentation is a live demonstration of Julia and Trixi. Firstly, we introduce Julia and demonstrate some of its design principles. This introduction is aimed at researchers in numerical analysis with previous programming experience. Next, we show how to use Trixi for setting up and running simulations, how to visualize the results, and how to extend Trixi with new functionality. We demonstrate how key design principles of Julia are used in Trixi and the Julia package ecosystem, e.g. to enable automatic differentiation through a complete simulation involving hyperbolic conservation laws.

The presentation is available as a Jupyter notebook, including information how to set up everything.